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A story of freshness

Beauty Cream

Our Why

Luxe Frais began through a need for sensitive spa essentials that didn't lack creativity and luxurious appeal. After I unexpectedly developed a severe and rare form of psoriasis that attacked over 90% of my body, I decided to do more research on what I was placing on and in my body and home. This research grew from experimenting with making body scrubs in my kitchen to handcrafting soaps and body butters that replenished and protected my skin barriers from psoriasis.

Along with prescribed medication and the use of my Luxe Frais products I have seen a tremendous rejuvenation in my skin tone, feel, and my overall confidence! By creating essentials that not only combatted my skin ailment, I was able to pamper myself while healing myself.

Luxe Frais' mission is to provide natural and luxurious spa essentials for our customers that moisturize, nourish, and protect their delicate skin. We believe everyone should be able to pamper themselves daily and not worry about harsh chemicals or reactions. You deserve a fresh luxurious life!

-Miss Dana

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