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Silky, moisturizing, fresh, soothing luxe bar made with goat milk and bentonite clay. Fine walnut is also incorporated for a gentle exfoliation. The smell of warm candied chestnuts, with toasted sugar, light winter spices, and rich roasted nuts. A touch of jasmine for complexity and amberwood for depth make this warm, nutty fragrance perfect for hearth and home. Inspires coziness and happy thoughts.

Delight in the feel and experience of this gentle exfoliating luxe bar on your skin during and after your unwind time.

Maple Almond Exfoliating Luxe Bar

  • Luxe Frais aims to please all our spa enthusiasts. Due to the natural, organic, and handmade nature of our products we are unable to accept returns. We are available if you have questions or not pleased with an item.

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